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Metal Shop Blog #18 March 28th, 2009


All right so Pig Destroyer played at El Corazon tonight.  Since they played during our show, Steve and I decided we would take turns checking it out, so that way one of us is in studio while the other is at the show.   I made the stupid decision  to offer to let Steve see the first half.  When I said that, his eyes got wide and I instantly knew I'd just made a dumb mistake.  So today, he tells me he'll be at the station by 11:30, which would leave me around 25 minutes worth of Pig Destroyer.  Well, I rush down there to discover they had already finished.  I ran into one of Steve's friends who told me they'd finished right as Steve left.  So potentially Steve could have screwed me on purpose.  I'll choose not to believe that, but my gut is already disagreeing with that decision.  This is what I missed and Steve didn't.  Grrr.

Tonight we're kickin' out some Cattle Decapitation  tickets for the show Thursday.  It's gonna be awesome... I will NOT miss this one!!!  Cattle Decap features a drummer Steve and I both know from around these parts named Dave.  He also plays in Sleep Terror.  Awesome to see him tearin' it up around the world with CD!  You should really go to this show, Cattle is ALWAYS awesome live, it's worth going just to see Travis sing, but the entire band kills.

OK I'm gonna let Steve type something now.  I hope it doesn't take him 3 days to do it.  Lamb of God soon, bitches!!!


OK, I did NOT screw Kevin over on the Pig Destroyer on PURPOSE.  They SHOULD have played longer.  I dunno what is up with that.  The GOOD news is I SAW THEM and it was RAD!  Finally.  I regret nothing.  I headbanged to some Pig Destroyer and it was overdue!  JR was a nice guy from what I gathered with our little chat backstage.  Skarp, Iron Lung and Owen Hart were kickass as usual, too.  Ratatat is tomorrow too and that makes me happy.  A very different kind of shredding, but rad nonetheless...  And yes, Cattle on Thurs!  Always sweet live as Kev pointed out.  True fact.  Grind yer mind, folks.

We rocked NEW Mastodon tonight.  I gotta say, they always play by their own rules and their releases show it.  I have always dug those guys and I have seen more of an evolution in THEM as a band than most.  And it's MastOdon.  Not MastAdon.  So many folks think there is an "A" in the middle.  It just isn't so, you idiots!  We were speaking of this tonight.

New Static X, we been rocking...  It's good.  New God Forbid is better though!  And new Lamb of God beats both!

These are my opinions and you are free to disagree, you will just be wrong.  I listen to a good deal of electronic music as does Kevin.  I love me some reggae too.  Lots of fantastic releases in the last year in those categories..... oh, ok, I gotta go cause the show is over but tonight was mind blowing for all who listened and you are welcome!  It's a public service to YOU, the human with taste.  This is for the ones that think for themselves when it comes to taste and actually enjoy music that takes a fair amount of skill and even more passion.  Thanks for being worth doing a radio show for!  Keep it realz.

03/22/2009 8:16AM
Metal Shop Blog #18 March 28th, 2009
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