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Metal Shop Blog #19 April 14th, 2009


*pic* Does Troy from Mastodon look a little like Steve?

Yo!  Since l last spoke, we've seen Cattle and Pigs and Lamb.  All did a fine job of blasting the brains out of my ears, and there's more on the way!  Hope you got Mastodon tickets cause they's gonnne.  Look on the concert calendar and scope out some judjuds that are in the near future!  Mucho Metalo. (Much Metal to be, so GO!)

No Kevin this week so expect an above average show!  No dead air, it will have little to no complaining...! Wow.

Here's my What's good/What's bad list.  New and improved!  Well... I've never done one, really but this is IMPROVED compared to any other thing that may ever resemble such an honest and importat list.......ya.

What's good:  Mastodon and their new judjud disc entitled Crack The Skye.

What's bad:  Snowboarding season is coming to a close.

What's good:  Watching Ichiro Slam a Grand one, with his bat as his sword....

What's bad:  Getting jabbed right in the eye with a tiny sharp fork.

What's good:  BBQin it up at Golden Gardens in Ballard on a sunny day

What's bad:  Ben Affleck

What's good:  Metalheads at the LOG concert at the Paramount

What's bad:  Waiting for news on the new Slayer release

What's good:  Slayer and Corpse are on the Mayhem Tour.

Whats bad:  405...all the time.  Even at night.

Whats's good:  Testament is coming. (May 2nd)

What's bad:  Led Zeppelin is not coming. (Never)

What's good:  Downloading music

What's bad:  Scratching a CD

What's good:  A free drink

What's bad:  Buyin someone else a drink

What's good:  South Park still being retarded and intense

What's bad:  Oprah

What's good:  Being here in Seattle

What's bad:  Being in the AIDS part of Uganda

What's good:  Chips and garlic salsa

What's bad:  Chips without garlic salsa

What's Best:  Metal Shop

05/22/2009 8:17AM
Metal Shop Blog #19 April 14th, 2009
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