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Metal Shop Blog #2 8/16/08

The Internets Are Fun To Type On With Thought Ideas by Steve Rock

Is this thing on?  Hello?  Hello.....  Yes.  Cool.  OK, well then...  A "blog" of "metal" is what you have stumbled upon.  You are welcome, yes.  I am approached daily by people asking to share what is inside this big head of mine.  Well here you go!  (Kevin's blogs will suck by comparison)

LAST Metal Shop, Kev was not THERE!  Equals badass evening of brutal badassness.

Bitter sweet though as it was also the evening of (Seattle's own) Himsa's FINAL show!  Sold out at El Co, I had to run down there (two blocks) DURING Metal Shop for one last stage dive... which was extremely successful.  I had a standing ovation, in fact!  Though that MIGHT have been for the

I have enclosed a picture of Kevin on a ferry..........  Yeah, take that for what it is......yeah.

Heh, we did have a rad camping trip out at his property on the peninsula and the boat rides to and from were quite excellent.  Get out!  That's my advice for those who have NOT gotten to be in the wilderness for even 24 straight hours this summer.  Sets yer head straight and gets you more stoked on the many fantastic toys we have today, in civilization.

Thanks for peeping this sah-weeeet blog!  MUCH more to come!  And metal.  And beer.

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08/11/2009 1:53PM
Metal Shop Blog #2 8/16/08
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