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Metal Shop Blog #22: May 30 2009

It's Steve:
Wow, we are really unconsiderate… wait, Kevin just told me that word is not… a word.  Inconsiderate.  We are very IN…considerate.  I was just thinking of all the people we have dissed, yelled at and talked trash about in the last few years.  The list of people we support and admire… it is long.  The list of people we do not like…. Much longer.  I won’t get into it now, for fear of the people we hate… hating on us in return….. I don’t like it.  I want this to be a One Way Hate bridge.  ANYway, the list grew to Swedish people this evening as I have decided that they talk funny.  They look like Skwisgaar from Dethklok and talk funny.  At least that is the stereotype I am trying to put out there.

Kevin says he has nothing against the Swede’s funny voices or the people in general… but I know he is just saying that for fear of getting his ass kicked by Amon Amarth.  Psh.  I had the slogan, “Hate in ‘08” and now we are trying to get going, “Hate is Fine in 2009” and the momentum is picking up!  Hey, I am no racist.  I hate all people equally… I just wish more people would come out of the hate closet and let their hate shine!  It’s the Half-Haters that really make the real haters look bad.  All or nothing, bro.  Like anything else in life!  Go all out or get out.  That is why I love Swedish metal.  They are completely committed to their shredding and judjudding metal of awesomeness…  See?  I love Swedez.  I just wishs theys didn’ts talks sos funnies.  Also, I hate people that think their baby is better than everyone else’s.

Mayhem and Marduk and Cephalic and Cattle and MUCH MORE on Friday at S7!

Get there or get kicked….   (ps – get the new Agoraphobic Nosebleed… it’s kosher)

05/22/2009 8:22AM
Metal Shop Blog #22: May 30 2009
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