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Metal Shop Blog #24: July 10 2009


SLAYER!  Slayer.  A simple enough word, that in English means:  The best thrash to ever come out of this fine land we the people call AMERICA.  They will rock us next Tues, like they always have in the past.  For some, their 20th Slayer show.  For others, their very first concert, period.  It should tell you something that SLAYER have been around since the early 80's and is, to this DAY... relevant.  "How did they manage THAT, Steve?"  Well, I will tell ya... by just... BEING Slayer.

I can usually tell when a band is doing what they WANT to do, or when musicians are being swayed by producers or otherwise to streamline the sound for whatever reason... Slayer is in the former category.  I have seen them many times in many venues and I ALWAYS get the same thing... Slayer.  Nothing more and nothing less and I could not be more happy with this.  Having gotten chances to see what the guys in the band are like has only made stronger the feelings I have for ol Slayer.  I could go on and on... but I shall not.  They continue to inspire more musicians and metalheads daily than most any other force... and they're OLD.  I mean, c'mon, they ain't spring chickens anymore but, MAN, they get on a stage and it could be opening night of the Seasons tour for all ya know... ya know?  See ya Tuesday at White River!  I'll be the guy headbanging to the band that I can always count on making my month.  With blood.

Oh, also, a shout to Kevin, keeping it real in Bonney Lake today for rockin the BJJ at the tournament.  I had never been to anything like that and found it cool that there were constantly four pairs of dudes throwing down.  The girls seemed JUST as brutal out there, too!  And as long as I got friends that can do that stuff... I don't have to.

07/22/2009 8:24AM
Metal Shop Blog #24: July 10 2009
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