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Metal Shop Blog #3 8/26/08


Yeah!!  Blogs!  What.  Oh yeah, Metal.  Metal Shop kicked ass AGAIN as usual. (no suprise)

NEW Slipknot and Dragonforce was played.  Dude, if you have not gotten the new Slipknot and you LIKE Slipknot, you should probably obtain it.  I was not really suprised by the disc, but more got what I was expecting... in a good way.

Same with Dragonforce, really.  Bands doing what they doin and doin it welll!  Slipknot captured my love with their very first big label release and I been lovin em ever since.  LIVE, there is no one superior, in this day and age... (Gwar ties with them)

Kevin, we should post up a bunch of the Mayhem pics cause that day was NUTS!  Seriously.  We/everything were/was SO badass that day, at White River Amph.  Slipknot, Machine Head and the open bar, for starters...

(blog picture is me and Troy (Mastodon) and Justin (3IoB) and his bro, drinkin drinks)


Folks, if you haven't figured it out yet... Steve's brain doesn't appear to function quite as well as everyone elses... especially when it comes to things like properly posting a blog on our website, or saying the right things at the time right times, or choosing what to do with that rat nest on his head that he calls hair.  Steve, for the record... I really hate your idea of posting joint blogs.  But I'm willing to amuse you and give it a shot because I'm always open to other people's ideas and am usually willing to try them, a concept I'm not entirely sure you know anything about LAWL!

Anyways, as if we needed more proof that Steve's mental elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor, he decided it'd be a good idea to give me the link to his ENTIRE PHOTOBUCKET ALBUM.  He wants me to post the pics he took at Mayhem Fest, which I will do, but not before I take advantage of this glorious oppourtunity that he just conveniently dropped in my lap.  So, without further ado, let's take a peek into good ol Steve's photobucket account, whatta say?!?!?!

What do we got here?  Steve jumping.  Go figure!


I think I may have actually taken this one and in hindsight, I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

The many (stupid) faces of Steve.

Here's a BEAUTIFUL Steve Rock MySpace photo!!  hahahaha

Yeah Steve, suck it down!  Whatever it is...

"Thar she (my mom) blows... just at the edge of shore!"

OK I could keep going and I would love to, but I'll save some embarassment for later.  There are actually things here that even I won't post anywhere haha.  But yeah, Steve was right about Mayhem Fest.  It was completely nuts.  Probably the most fun we've ever had at any show as hosts of Metal Shop.  Here are some good pics from that day.  I am bummed I forgot my camera at home because I actually put it out next to my keys and wallet the night before and STILL managed to forget to bring it with me.  All pics below courtesy of Steve.  Enjoy!

Dragonforce and I became fast friends!  There's a similar picture like this with Steve in it, but he's too cool for school and won't post it anywhere.  Just so you guys know it DOES (or at least did at one point) exist!!!

Blogging is kinda fun!  Tell us if this joint blog makes any sense to you guys and if you can tell who's writing what.  It'd be much appreciated!  Thanks a ton! - Werd.

08/11/2009 1:57PM
Metal Shop Blog #3 8/26/08
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