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Metal Shop Blog #4 9/2/08


Sept. 3rd, 2008 - I'm taking top spot this time cuz I can!  I'm pretty excited today because it's my last day here before I head out to my other favorite place in the world... Arizona!  I have lots of family around Phoenix so I've always spent a lot of time there, mostly summers when I was a kid and in school.  I really love the hot weather.  I always say it can never get hot enough for me and ever since I realized that, I haven't really found many people that feel the same way.  I don't know what it is... I can't get enough heat.  Summer is my favorite season and I lvoe being outside.  The only time I don't like heat is when I'm stuck in my car in traffic, and that's only because I don't have air conditioning.  Talk about irritating!

Anyways, so yeah I'm going to Arizona tomorrow and seeing a whole bunch of family I've not seen for a couple years. We're all actually going to head to Sedona, which if you've never heard of it, is one of the coolest cities in the USA.  It's claim to fame are the huge red rock cliffs and red dirt, and the ONLY McDonald's in the entire world that doesn't have golden arches.  The city planners thought they yellow wouldn't mesh well with the color of the rest of the buildings in the city, so they asked them to change it.  McDonald's agreed and there you have it.  The red rocks and cliffs are amazing and they really are red.  LIke, bright red!  Google it and check out some pics.  Last time I was there (just a few months ago in March, actually) we were driving in and there was road construction going on.  You could see the fresh upturned earth where they were digging and it literally looked fruit punch.  So bright, so awesome... I love it!  I also don't have to deal with Steve on air this week, so yay for that too!

Maybe I'll post some of the pics I'm destined to take in Arizona for the next blog.  Until then, check out this hilarious video I just put on YouTube.  Remember Steve's blog about the camping trip we went on recently?  That would be the origin of this video.  I don't think Steve's ever tried to chop wood before in his entire life, but I guess the Infected Mushroom album that we were listening to inspired him to try.  Watch for LOLs!

Until next time..... don't forget that Cliff Yablonski Hates You!


Man, I love Dying Fetus!  iTunes is always on random with five or six thousand songs for it to choose from.  Right now ol iTunes picked me a lovely tune from Destroy the Opposition.  Ahh...wait, damn it!  This reminds me of how I (by minutes) MISSED these dudes the other night at Studio 7!!!  I was working, soorrrry!  I DID make it in time to see Necrophagist, tho,  who ripped the place apart!  Thanks for coming down if you did.  A breúal show it was.  Necrophagist are brutal brutal Germans that are as technical as they are judjud bruuutal.  BUT Dying Fetus shall always remain higher on my list for the years they have served me in my disc playing machines for the last 10 or so years.  Wish they even had older stuff on their Myspace there...

Darkest Hour is tomorrow at Studio Seven.  Pretty cool lineup.  Check out the Thrash n Burn tour!

I am going to try to add a bunch of hyperlinks here so you can actually LEARN stuff.  That's why we're here, right....?

(ahh iTunes just picked a fine old Soilwork song.  Good call, iTunes)

So, I wanted to let ya know that Bumbershoot yesterday was pretty cool.  Nothing too metal...  I WILL give props to the random metalheads, like the Judas Priest shirt kid that wanted to "hang out" near the VIP area.  No time, man, sorry.  I was runnin around like CRAZY!  The Offspring were...ok.  No suprises there.  Del the Funky Homosapien was very entertaining and the show was quite...foggy.  Quite.  Saw some film festival action, which was cool.  Saw some good comedy and many moments of crappy indie rock wanna rock bands that well... they ARE trying...they're just failing.  And in the VIP area.... DICKS BURGERS!  Huge bowls of them.  And bar b q chips.  And cheese.  It was a good day.

Oh, and Flatstock kicks ass!  I bought many rad stickers and ALMOST bought many SICK posters ranging from Mudhoney and Melvins to Danzig and Slayer...

I will let Kevin type some stupid crap now.  And screw you Kevin for messing with and posting my photobucket pics, last blog!!

Good thing they have to do with me, and the exploitation of....or I'd be really pissed.
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Been a favorite site of mine for some time.  There are many.  Always be on guard.  Be careful.

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Metal Shop Blog #4 9/2/08
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