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Metal Shop Blog #5 9/11/08

Yes, 'tis 9-11 and we should remember the victims of that bad business that happened a ways back BUT (and this is all I have to say on the topic of THIS day) it's sad that as greedy humans, we are a race that would exploit any one horrific event to better their own personal political agenda...!  But as we know, as any soul vying for power over a coutry, well, NO thing is sacred.  (can you tell my view of politics is kinda grim? yep.)  I've been rethinking communism.  Hey, Stalin did GOOD stuff too, ya know.  You just don't hear about it much....hehheh.  OK.

MS, last weekend was Raaaaad, capital R, cause Kevin was gone!  Out of the state, leaving me HAPPY to be rid of the fool, but MAD cause he couldn't be there to do crap during a BUSY show.  Lot's of Nightwish tix, for starters.  Thanks for comin out, by the way, to Showbox SODO.  Many folks were there, getting a healthy dose of Epicness...

Now, personally, (click on that last word to see video of how much of a dick BJ Shea can be to his best Toppy replacer...heh, which I will BE tomorrow and Monday...whooh) I must thank a certain kind of person.  I LOVE love love.  I mean, I love to ride bikes.  Nothing against MOTORbikes but I LOVE pedaling hard and fast for a couple hours on a bicycle.  My roomie, Michael Moore, (real name, cool dude) gives me full reign of his sick $1k plus racing bike, which I just USED to go from here (home in Ballard) to the U. Village, a good 10 miles, round trip.  Long as I have my tunes rumbling deep in my ears, I am GOLDEN.  PROPS to the ol Burke Gilman Trail!!  Love it.  I've gotten up to Bothell on it!

SO, the kind of individual I would like to thank right now, who I SEE on this fine trail every single time I take it, to UW and beyond, is the pretty looking ladies of the 206.  Namely the U District.  You are on bike, or, maybe jogging with headphones on too, flashing me a smile cause I headbang even on a bike.  You have dreds and look like you wouldn't mind chatting about your second year at UW and how HERE is so much cooler than Utah, where you are originally from, but you're walkin yer little dog and I am headed the other way at 15 MPH.  Or perhaps you are half Japanese and just finally got on the cycling team, though you really don't need to work out, if you ask me...

I see EVERY kind of person on this trail, (and I do love people watching) but the females of the Burke-Gilman (ages 18-40) deserve props.  If not for just making my usually radical day a touch above what it might have been.  It's already the premier trail around these parts.  In THIS PIC, you can see how you hit the water a lot!  Amazing views, in many ways.  I go from the red line ALL the way on the left to the top curve, when able.  I've felt few things more rewarding than getting OUT and DOING it, man.  Seriously.  (ps, the blog pic is of Kev and me ON the B-G trail, messin around)

There's Steve Rock's 2 cents, at least, for the time being.  What is coming soon that I am ultrastoked for?

Ohhhhh man.  My kingdom for a life of endless powder with no wait for the lifts....hhhm.

Steve's Recommened Webnetintersite:  Please, learn and listen to a Band I Could Not Live Without and will be here on the 21st!!!!!  Never thought I'd see the day they reunited and came BACK!  This is like Christmas.  If Christmas involved Suffocation playing right before the GrindGods, Carcass, that is.  (I was not allowed to go to their last one at RKCNDY with Napalm back in the  If you know Metal Shop very well, ya may know I loove Michael Amott and will follow him from Arch Enemy to the ends of any epic brutal or bluesy rock he may ever create.

09/22/2009 7:30AM
Metal Shop Blog #5 9/11/08
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