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Metal Shop Blog #6 9/25/08


Lots of kickass stuff has been happenin on Metal Shop lately.  We had local greats HATEFIST in, a week back, and just the otehr day, local greats (TJ and Joe of) BOOK OF BLACK EARTH were hanging out.  Both have new music which you must check out, if you are badass.  There is much in the way of local heaviness, and you'd KNOW that if you went out to shows, like yer s'posed to!  And yes, thanks to all the folks we DO see out and about, be it at a lil show at the Comet or a sold out evening at the Showbox....

CARCASS was amazing, yes.  CoB, the BDM and BTBAM owned the Showbox!  Just saw Book o Black Earth at the Comet AND August Burns Red at El Co this last eve.  All fantastic and mind blowing and you blew it if you attended none of these.  "But I got WORK, Steve.  I got obligatory obligations, maaaan"....  Uh, I don't care.  So do I!  I show up for BJ's morning show on zero sleep (yes, he gets mad at the fact) and halfdead to the WORLD, but I am HAPPY.  Happy I made the right choice in rocking as opposed to sleeping.  If ya don't wake up tomorrow, you'd be, wait, YOU may not.  I will be pleased that I did the right thing and exercised my freedom to drink, be merry, support people that I envy and respect, headbang and fraternize with fellow humans that GET IT.

OK, I'm done.  Just, like, go to shows.  AND listen to Metal Shop.  We got Obituary, Opeth, Helloween, Amon Amarth and Overkill tickets!  What whaaat!  And no, you cannot buy my Metallica tickets from me.  Stop asking.  ROCKout

09/22/2009 7:31AM
Metal Shop Blog #6 9/25/08
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