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Metal Shop Blog #8 11/8/08


Blogggggin!  THE most fun you can have on the internets....IF it's Metal Shop doing the bloggin, of course.  Yah.  And yes, Kevin is correct in saying that I am rad and he is not....when it comes to talking about mothers, at the very least.  Honestly, we both had a ton of fun at the Throwdown and were happy to see a bunch of insane and drunk friends hanging out, enjoying themselves.  The EQC was infiltrated that night by Rockaholics and a better time could not have been had!  The other Steve and other other Steve thumb wrestling just cracked me up!  I thought WE were funny....

And really, who doesn't enjoy a huge pillowfight between a bunch of good lookin dames, huh?  Yeeah.

Good times... and ONE o these days.... we SHALL get back to our Dick's Burger Off....uhhh, I think Part THREE...

So many good shows lately!  (Bragingly speaking)  I've hung out with ol Tom Morello (he covered Dirty Deeds too) and Sir Danzig (always in leather) in the last week or so.  Saw Dimmu own it live, Dragonforce shred beyong shreditude and Down was groovingly crunchy!

Aaaand, Gwar soon, Exodus on Saturday playing Bonded live all the way through, In Flames with Goji and I am stoked to see All Shall Perish at the Job For a Cowboy show!  And the Emerald City Deathfest with The Faceless coming up...

Mucho metal.  Always.  Great local shows as well.  The NW is chock full of em!  You just have to look.

You ARE your scene.  Make it happen!  Get clicking on the MySpace action and find yer new favorite band!

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10/22/2009 7:34AM
Metal Shop Blog #8 11/8/08
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