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Getting Brutal At Bumbershoot!
Remember how awesome Pentagram was last year? How about Red Fang? Or maybe you missed out and you're trying to make up for it!? Either way, it's almost time for Bumbershoot, where we will be hosting the 2nd annual Metal Shop/Loud and Local stage on Saturday, September 1st. The awesomeness will go down this weekend at the Exhibition Hall, and the lineup is straight up stacked! Starting things off will be a badass local rock band that I'm sure you know and love, the Spittin Cobras! From there, the headbanging metal assault will begin with the almighty Black Breath...And while that will surely be enough to get your neck sore, we present you with two more bands to whet your metal appetite - New York legends PRONG and New Orleans sludge masters EYEHATEGOD. Plus, keep in mind, if you buy yourself a ticket to the madness at the Metal Shop/Loud and Local Stage, you have access to the entire event, including over 250 performances and artists of all kinds. If you're there, make sure you stick around for mainstage headliners Janes Addiction! Get your tickets and more info at 

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Summer Slaughter Photos
This past Wednesday, Summer Slaughter went down at the Showbox SoDo. Starting at 2pm, the summer's biggest and most brutal fest raged harder than ever, with everyone from openers Six Days Of Darkness to headliners Cannibal Corpse and Between The Buried and Me tearing the audience a new one. We will be premiering out interviews with BTBAM and Cannibal Corpse this weekend on the show, but first, we wanted to give you some pictures so you can relive all the Summer Slaughter awesomeness. All photos were taken by Jesus Martinez, whose other photos you can check out here . 

Between The Buried and Me

Cannibal Corpse

The Faceless



Job For A Cowboy

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Iron Maiden Conquers White River

The Maiden England World Tour 2012-13, which is based around the video of the same name finally hit the Seattle area Monday night! If I told you in the early 80's as a kid listening to Iron Maiden's Killers album (you know the plastic vinyl that spins around on a turntable with a needle in the groove making better sounds than todays CD's/MP3s) that in 2012 I'd be seeing them in concert and better yet, shooting the band, I would've told ya you're nuts!

It's amazing this band is still touring the world and bigger than ever! Hell they even have their own Boeing 757-200 airplane flown by singer Bruce Dickenson called "Ed Force One" to tour the world! The secret, its not album sales or radio airplay, it's the live show that brings the millions and millions of fans to its concerts. You have over 30 years of older fans like myself and then add their kids and you have a non-ending cycle of fans not many bands in the history of metal have ever achieved. 

Two years ago when Maiden played the White River Amphitheater I was really disappointed with their setlist. It was like the anti-favorite songs (except for a few here and there) setlist but this time around THEY KILLED IT! Look at the setlist difference from 2010 to 2012!

The Wicker Man/Ghost of the Navigator/Wrathchild/El Dorado/Paschendale/The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg/These Colours Don't Run/Blood Brothers/Wildest Dreams/No More Lies/Brave New World/Fear of the Dark/Iron Maiden Encore: The Number of the Beast/Hallowed Be Thy Name/Running Free 

Moonchild/Can I Play With Madness/The Prisoner/2 Minutes to Midnight/Afraid to Shoot Strangers/The Trooper/The Number of the Beast/Phantom of the Opera/Run to the Hills/Wasted Years/Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/The Clairvoyant/Fear of the Dark/Iron Maiden Encore: Aces High/The Evil That Men Do/Running Free

See the difference? The crowd was in a near frenzy from start to finish with that set. The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, Phantom of the Opera & Run to the Hills all back-to-back in the set was amazing and add they also played The Prisoner and Aces High! This was Iron Maiden at it's best! The guys were energetic running around (more so than bands 1/2 their age) and Bruce Dickenson still kicking those vocals and screams like many years ago. Is there a more iconic band mascot to band ever than Eddie? Think not! Eddie appeared in many forms throughout the set in either stage backdrop or huge prop figures. See the video below for some of the cool Eddie festivities! Also view show photos here at (CLICK HERE) or on KISW's Facebook page (CLICK HERE). One of the greatest concert bands of any musical genre ever, Iron Maiden deserve all the success!

Visit Iron Maiden online:

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