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Death Metal December Returns!
With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of the year where you can’t escape the grasp of Holiday cheer by way of overplayed sugar-filled songs. Wherever you go, the Little Drummer Boy follows alongside a couple of Santa Baby’s. Guess what. We’re tired of it. Quit bombarding us with your false holiday cheer. It’s time to fight back. For this reason alone, two years ago, we dubbed this next month, “Death Metal December.”

Each week, we will be devoting a full hour to pure, filthy death metal – from classic Floridian bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel , to Swedish death metallers At The Gates and Entombed , brutally gore-soaked slam bands like Cephalotripsy and Devourment and local stuff like Drawn and Quartered and Phalgeron. Make sure you listen all this month and help us fight back in the name of death metal. 
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Folk metal hits Seattle Sunday with Evuleitie/Wintersun

Seattle, don't forget this Sunday Swiss New Wave of Folk Metal pioneers Eluveitie play El Corazon! This KISW Metal Shop sponsored show is gonna be epic! Also on the bill is Finland's Wintersun, an extreme progressive metal band with a new amazing album titled "Time I" (hear full album) and German Viking metallers VARG

What's exciting about Eluveitie on this tour is they are playing their new concept CD "Helvetios" (hear full album) in it's entirety each night! Never thought a metal band with flutes, violins, hurdy-gurdies, mandola, mandolin, whistles and bagpipes could be so awesome! Add some hot chicks oozing with talent in the band and you have a dual combination of male/female diversity for the big time! "Helvetios" is one of my favorite album releases of the year. Between Chrigel Glanzmann's razor rasp and Anna Murphy's angelic vocals, there's something for every metal fan with Eluveitie! Eluveitie also released a second record this year with The Early Years, a collection of re-rerecorded and re-mastered early material. 

Meet both bands at a pre-show in-store signing at Silver Platters in Northgate (Sunday, December 2nd 3 - 4 PM Silver Platters 9560 1st. Ave. NE Seattle, WA. 98115 (206) 524-3472

Time to get your Celtic mosh on! ;) Buy tickets online now for the show..nearly sold out as most of tour is already! See ya there! Iron Mike

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