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Party hard!
Holy crap, Andrew WK knows how to party! Last weekend, as we talked about a bunch on the show, was the 8th annual Rain Fest. Among the 3 day festival, held at Neumo's, bands such as Down to Nothing, 7 Seconds, Converge, Backtrack, Minus, Earth Control and many many more played to a sold out northwest crowd. The highlight, though, was no surprise, as the poster boy for partying, one Mr. Andrew WK took the stage and sent the venue into a frenzy, a sort of chaotic site that both startles you and gets you stoked as hell! There must have been somewhere around 700 friggin' stage dives! As you can see by this short video a Rain Fest showgoer uploaded to YouTube, Rain Fest is a party. Don't miss it again. This time next year. 
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Keep It Local!
This past weekend, we hosted the 2nd annual All Local episode of Metal Shop. It was around this time last year that our good friend and colleague, Robert "BJ" Annette passed away. Each week, BJ would drive all the way up to Seattle for the sole reason of sharing a local concert calendar for the Metal Shop listeners. He exuded love for the metal scene and was always nothing but positive through and through. BJ was the former vocalist of both I-Rot and Dying To Bleed. In his honor, we declared that we would dedicate one episode per year solely to local metal. Go ahead and take a look at the playlist on the main page and let us know what you think. And yes, we would love to hear your band! Send us what ya got and we would be stoked to review it and maybe play it on the show. 

For now, check out this full album upload of a really sweet local band called Blood and Thunder. Keep it local, keep it brutal! 
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