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All Hail Ultramantis Black!

I love metal. I also love pro wrestling (and yes, I know it's fake). When these two things come together, my interest is peaked to the max. Independent wrestler Ultramantis Black has made a solid reputation as a wild, over the top character complete with a crow's-skull-like mask along with cape and septor. A few months back it was announced by Relapse Records that they had signed UltraMantis Black to their label. I found this confusing. How does a wrestler fill up 80 or so minutes on an album? Little did I know that UMB had joined up with members of the punk band Pissed Jeans to create a raging, in your face metallic hardcore blast of awesome. The record comes out next month....when UltraMantis mania comes running wild on you, don't say I didn't blame ya. 
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