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Monday's 3/11/13

    So like most people I am not a fan of Monday's but on the same token, I would hate Tuesday if it was the first day of the week. This got me to start thinking about some different things and if I don't like them because they were first or last. I was thinking that maybe I am a Maryland Football fan event though they suck because it was the first football I saw. It makes me think maybe I still hate Duke to this day because it was the first team I was taught to dislike. Most people I think still have tough times getting over ex spouses because a lot of them were the first. Now unlike my sports passions some things I have changed even though I hated them to start with. Things like onions and other foods. This brings my back to Monday, people say it would be better without Monday but we would hate Tuesday. What about Friday as well, we all like Friday a lot but if he was not the start of the weekend would we be such fans of Friday? Thursday is a cool guy and often fun things are going on, on Thursday. I bet my man Sunday could use a little less pressure on him as well, people be all freaked out on Sunday nights since work is the next day. Either Monday is here to stay so get used to it and enjoy the Monday's you get off

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03/11/2013 5:46PM
Monday's 3/11/13
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