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NBA 6/20/12

    Last week I was talking about how as I watch more and more of the NBA playoffs and read things I just can't be a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder but it is also odd cheering for Labron James. I was in a bar last in downtown Seattle and everyone was cheering for the Miami Heat. The guys next to us were just in town on vacation from Philly and asked us if this bar was a Miami sports bar and we said no but everyone in Seattle is cheering for them out of spite. The problem is I just don't want to see Clay Bennett holding up a NBA championship trophy. Sports is one of the few places that you can hold to that pain and not let it go when people don't give you crap. Clearly living your life holding grudges is not the best way to live but also I believe you should not forget things. I am all in forgiving and moving on but if you forget some of the treatment you got from these people then it will happen again. That's the things about sports is you get to be unreasonable and hold onto old feeling that don't really matter anymore. The Sonics and Thunder deal is so much more than just sports though to me. Its just yet another prime example of big companies just doing what they want and you have to take it. At no point did those guy in the NBA or Clay Bennett really want to stay in Seattle. The other thing that is just so madding is the way they lied and did not answer questions like the general public is just dumb. Thats what I have learned over the years and from how David Stern acts is that they think you dumb and are going to do what they want. My new question to you Seattle why get back in bed with these people. At some point maybe people in Seattle should not give a crap about the NBA and if they don't want a team in a great market with great fans them f**k em. That's the whole rub though isn't it, while everyone in Seattle hates what Stern and the NBA did they still want another team.

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06/20/2012 2:05PM
NBA 6/20/12
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