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NFL and concussions 8/29/13

    Today news came down that the NFL and the former NFL players have reached a agreement in the lawsuit on concussions. Now I am not sure if it is a good deal or not for the players, I would say it is not but that's just my two cents. I do think that it brings up a different question altogether in what does the NFL know about it's game and how damaging the effects are. Football is a violent game and has risk which everyone knows but is there more the NFL knows and does not want to share because they don't want to lose money? If you think that a league would not put it's guys at risk your wrong because we are talking about billions of dollars here. Yes Billions folks and that in itself is part of the problem it is so much money. Money like most drugs you have to get and make more and more to get you that high again. I just want to know the bottom line of how dangerous the game is or is not and then people can make their choices' about playing. I have got the opportunity to hang with some NFL players and they told before how much they hurt after the game. After talking with some of those guys it because a little more real how tough of a game football is. I played some football in high school and loved it and If I had a kid I would let them play in high school but not sure I would start them too young on the game. I should also say I love college football and the football in general I just hope no info is being covered up 

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08/29/2013 2:31PM
NFL and concussions 8/29/13
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