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NIN & Dir En Grey Show Reviews

Nine Inch Nails/Explosions in the Sky - Key Arena - Seattle 11.22.13 - Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia

Last night was interesting. I really was suppose to be in two places at the same time, but obviously I don't have a clone yet but I have super wifey to help in those situations. It wasn't suppose to be like that because Thursday night Japan's Dir En Grey was suppose to play the Showbox Market but due to a broken down tour bus they couldn't make it to Seattle in time. So lucky enough they had last night off as did the Showbox Market so they just pushed the Thursday show to last night. Total bummer for me, obviously I'm not missing shooting NIN since it's been nearly 2 decades since the last time I did when they co-headlined with (yes this is correct) David Bowie! See I still have my pass from the 10/24/95 Tacoma Dome show. [View Here]

In a real rarity, I didn't get to see the whole show because they didn't give us review tickets and we actually couldn't enter back into the building with our camera stuff until the band was in around the 8th song so we were lucky enough to watch songs 9 & 10 ("Find My Way" & "Sanctified") then jumped in the photo pit for songs 11, 12 & 13 ("In Two" "The Frail" & "The Wretched"). Let me tell ya, even though I got some cool shots these do no justice to the overall stage rig and lighting amazement! If you paid the big bucks to see NIN I'm sure you got a visual light overload like you've never seen before in a concert. Hopefully they had seizure warning signs at the doors (for those sensitive to strobe lights etc.), it was that intense and awesome! Trent Reznor owned his spot on stage like a beast. Completely engulfed in the moment and emotionalizing what he was singing. When square pieces of the lighting rig came down just feet above the performers heads in their blue haze it made for a cool "Close Encounters" like moment as seen in the photo above.

So for the short time of the set I saw, it was spectacular. Trent was dead on and his rather large band brought it. For the big money people paid I think they got their monies worth. Setlist: Copy of A/1,000,000/Terrible Lie/March of the Pigs/Piggy/All Time Low/Disappointed/Came Back Haunted/Find My Way/Sanctified/In Two/The Frail/The Wretched/Satellite/Survivalism/Running/A Warm Place/Somewhat/Damaged/Wish/The Hand That Feeds/Head Like a Hole - Encore: All the Love in the World/Even Deeper/While I'm Still Here/Black Noise/Hurt. For more NIN photos from the show check out our album on our KISW Facebook page HERE and gallery HERE.

Opening the NIN show was a cool experimental progressive rock band from Texas called Explosions in the Sky. They played only 5 songs but they all averaged over 5 minutes making for a nice short set.

Dir En Grey/Dagoba - Showbox Market - Seattle 11.22.13 - Review/Photos: Stephanie Savoia

The show was a day late, after a broken down bus from Denver to Seattle, but that didn't matter to the masses that chose to go to the Dir En Grey show at the Showbox Market instead of Nine Inch Nails at the Key!

Opening up for Dir En Grey was French band Dagoba in support of their newest release 'Post Mortem Nihil Est'. With their heavy industrial metal sound and deep grooves, they were a great choice to get the crowd warmed up for the headliner. Singer Shawter had great energy and made his way onto the barrier to be closer to the crowd on several occasions. I was drawn to the bass player, Werther, and the drummer Frank. Both were very high energy and kept the crowd into the performance.

I was not familiar with Dir En Grey. Mike was supposed to shoot this show on Thursday night but with the breakdown and move to Friday night, he was at Nine Inch Nails and I stepped in to cover Dir En Grey.

I'm going to start with - Wow - just WOW! This was a really hard show to cover visually. Singer Kyo had his head covered in a shroud the entire time I was in the pit and the stage lighting was the dreaded blues and reds. Occasionally Kyo would hold the shroud in a way that a fan would catch it and give you a quick glimpse at his skeletal made up face. Kyo has a ridiculous vocal range. He goes from death metal growling to screamo to J-pop to almost operatic in mere seconds!

The rest of the band complemented Kyo very well. I could tell immediately who the girls were there to see though as I heard countless voices calling for Toshiya the bass player. This cat was crazy on the bass. He was as interesting to watch as Kyo as well.

I kinda think I got the better end of the deal this time. Nine Inch Nails would have been cool, but I got to discover two bands I otherwise may never have heard of. So I'd like to thank the Dir En Grey bus for breaking down! Check out their latest album "The Unraveling" on iTunes and more concert photos on my Facebook photo page.

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11/23/2013 10:12AM
NIN & Dir Em Grey Show Reviews
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11/24/2013 12:06AM
Ya that was probley me shouting his name, I used to play the based and he is my bass idol ^_^
11/28/2013 2:10AM
dir en grey
i so look forward to seeing you.... nin. is good and all but i would rather see a band that is truely strange... dagoba.. i did not know you was a french band.. cool to know
11/28/2013 5:56AM
Hats off!
Excellent review of Dir en Grey's show! Even if it was difficult to cover visually, you really made the music come to life with your descriptions! I've been a fan for years but your enthusiasm is infectious even now! Excellent write up-10 thumbs up!
11/28/2013 1:13PM
Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey is, without a doubt, my favorite band. Every member of the band contributes to their songs, and the fact that they have been together for 16 years shows that they have great chemistry. Their stage performance is amazing, and the presence they bring energizes the audience. They are one of the few foreign bands to cultivate a real following abroad without singing in English, joining the ranks of Rammstein. Every album they release changes their style significantly, but there is something uniquely "Dir En Grey"~esque about all their music. To anyone who hasn't listened to them before, I recommend it wholeheartedly.
12/04/2013 1:01PM
Ugh... "J-Pop."
I appreciate that this is a positive review (for once), but I can't help but cringe anytime someone says "J-Pop" or "Anime" in the same breath as Dir en grey. As fans of this band, it's hard for us to *not* recall some pretty aggravating reviews when seeing those dreaded words. I mean c'mon... is it necessary to make references to "Oktoberfest" - "Lederhosen" and "Hitler" in the same breath as Rammstein? Seems like it's only the Japanese bands that people do this to. It's probably as annoying to these guys to be associated with "J-Pop" (ie: Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, Do As Infinity) as it would be for Eminem to be associated with N*sync, 98 Degrees and Backstreet Boys. Or to associate Tori Amos and Kate Bush with Ke$ha, Katie Perry and Brittany Spears. Yes, Kyo has a high vocal range, yes, some of the tracks can be really pretty... but these guys have grown and evolved beyond their peers. It has long since ceased being possible to place DeG in the same box as Malice Mizer, L'arc en Ciel and Luna Sea. They are working hard to escape the stereotypes and cliches of their Visual Kei past.
12/04/2013 1:04PM
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PORTLAND, OREGON? Just saying.... when Diru hits Seattle, they typically hit us up too. It's hard to not feel like we got the cold shoulder, ya know?
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