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Nerves 4/18/13

    What makes you nervous? Seriously what is it that gets you off your normal game, I ask this because I think nerves are common thing that happen to a lot of people but everyone thinks it is just them. It like when you watch a football player in a big game on the field you think man how does he do that I would be nervous. Now take that same football player and put in your job and tell him to go to work and I bet he would be nervous as well. When I watch UFC one of my favorite fighters is Georges St.Pierre and one thing I really like about him is that fact he talks about his nerves before a fight. It is not cool to talk about that kind of stuff I don't think, but some people are now and it happens to everyone. For me I do a lot of public speaking which is a fear of most but I like it and like the nerves I get before I do them. One thing that comes easy for some but still get's me is girls man. I can be the coolest guy all day long with the fellas but put a couple hot single girls in the mix and your boy falls apart. I have gotten better over the years but I still get nervous. I am working on a project now that has me a little on edge but it something new and I think that's a normal reaction. One thing I did learn years ago when training for the Throwdown in T-Town was if you practice and are ready for the event you won't be a nervous. I was scared, very scared a week before that fight but by fight night I was pumped and ready to go. My point today is nerves are common but how you react to them in uncommon  

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04/18/2013 2:48PM
Nerves 4/18/13
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