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New Things 2/20/13

    Trying new things is something everyone should do, but most of us don't. I feel fine making that statement because I am one of those people that fines something I like and sticks with it but in the last few years I have tried hard to try new things. Trying new things really doesn't have to be ground breaking things either, it can just be little things but go ahead and try them. Travel for instance is one that I am thinking about right now, I have a friend who lives in Arizona so I am going to vist him this weekend. Now I never really thjought about going to Arizona but why not. In the grand scheme of life who knows where you will end up or what will happen but I do know that I can fly to AZ and have a fun trip so I am going to do it. Miami is a town that I have never been to but this June I have a buddy getting married there so I am going. I know what your thinking and your right, I am doing a bit of a fancy tour of the USA. Scottsdale then Vegas in May followed up by Miami in June. I also feel like there is going to be a ton of pretty people there so I am just going to have to try and fit in. No pun intended with the word fit right there

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02/20/2013 5:41PM
New Things 2/20/13
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02/20/2013 9:56PM
Great read. I live in Phoenix (ahwatukee) and find it enjoyable about 8 months out of the year. Great place to live, work, and play but in my opinion does not hold a candle to what Seattle has to offer. Great weather this week and more to come. It did snow today in a lot of areas in Phoenix so that was weird but this weekend should be great golfing weather. Scottsdale is nice but make some time to hang out in Tempe (Mill ave). Later!
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