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New Years 1/9/14

    So the New Year is here and how are you doing? I do think that it is good that people take this time to look inside themselves and take stock of their life and health. I just hope people stick with it and don't give up after the newness has wore off. I know some people that have gone through changes in their life but I know very few who started on New Years Day. I think New Years is a good time to start thinking and start implement these changes. I believe that sometimes people just bite off more than they can chew with new crazy workout retunes and diets that they can't possible stick too. Now I know a little more about this then most since at my biggest I was 360 and even though I still struggle with my weight I have kept that over a hundred pounds off for years. That is my point about that every New Years I would try some crazy thing then put it all back on then some extra. I think this time off year is good to look inward and take stock in what you want to do the next year coming up but also don't freak out if you mess up a little. Just stick with it and make this year count, the whole year not just this month. 

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01/09/2014 4:30PM
New Years 1/9/14
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