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North America 5/29/13

    I started watching this show on the Discovery channel called North America. Clearly it's about North America which is the continent we live on. Now I am sure you think you know about the part of the world you grew up in but you don't. So often I think as American's we forget how big our country is. There are vast amounts of land that just don't have people on them. You forget about the rocky mountain's and the plains that are just almost empty. I did not realize that tornado's were such and American thing. The wind just comes down shooting from up in Canada and then it merges with that tropical air from the gulf of Mexico and bam you get these horrible storms that hurt and destroy with a unreal amount of power and force. I also did not realize that a ton of the jungles in central America which is still part of the continent are just open and people don't go in them. The world overall is a beautiful place but man is own continent awesome. The animals are pretty cool as well, I feel like Africa and Asia are famous for the big cats they have but I kind of like that we have the scary dogs like wolves. Speaking of dogs I was watching about the prairie dog as well and those things are cute and awesome. Those hole they dig are for living and protection, also they stand up on the back legs like we do. It's a cool show and you might even learn something. 

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05/29/2013 2:13PM
North America 5/29/13
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