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Now What? 1/23/14

    It happened and it ended the way you wanted it to with he Seattle Seahawks going to the Super bowl. So now I have some important questions for you Seahawks fans.  Number one is are you ready for the void of no football on the weekends. See the Super Bowl is great but now what to do on Sunday's? I would say get back to what you usually do on Sunday's in the off season and re-connect with your family or dog. Another question is are you ready for the Super Bowl next week. I am sure you have already started talking about plans with friends and different bars that will be showing the game. I also would think even if your local bar is not a sports bar they will still have the Super Bowl on because the Seahawks are in it. It is also not just about what to do and where to watch it but also what to eat and drink. See the holidays just ended a month ago and without football you really have no reason to be cooking up dips and good tasting food that is unhealthy. A lot of things for you the 12th man to think about. As always if you are having a cool party of something shoot me a email and let me know about it. I respect parties and food and drink. Drop me a line and let me know how your party is the best. Rest up this weekend, you will need it next weekend.  

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01/23/2014 2:26PM
Now What? 1/23/14
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