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New Talk Shows 2/26/14

    This week Late Night with Seth Myers kicked off after Jimmy Fallon moved to The Tonight Show at 11:30pm. Now I will not lie some of the first couple episodes have been not great and some moments of Seth looking uncomfortable but it is his first week. I think that is some of the things I want people to sit back and realize that these shows talk time to develop into show's you like and are used to seeing. Conan O'Brian was not awesome when he first started and don't forget Jimmy Kimmel fist week of shows was almost stopped because he had a bar and drunk people on the show. I was not that old when Conan started but I remember people thinking not only was he the wrong choice but he sucked in general. these types of shows take a while to get going and get their feel down. I am not sure that Seth Myers is the right choice but on the same token I do think with a show like that we have to at least give him a year to figure it out and let's revaluate then. The Seahawks did not just roll into New York and win this year it was a team that had been building for two years. Time is brutal but sometimes you just have to give it time

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02/26/2014 2:07PM
New Talk Shows 2/26/14
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02/26/2014 4:42PM
Your Favorite Place to People Watch
Ted, I saw on your profile that your favorite place to people watch is at hempfest. Well, tonight is the local band competition for playing on center stage AT Hempfest Seattle! I'd love it if you'd come hang out with us (i'll even buy you a beer) and cheer on my best friends in the entire world AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods. They won last year, played on a secondary stage, and are going for center stage this year. I've been trying to hit you guys from all angles to get your blessing for a shout out on the air to get folks out to support. Oh by the way, its at Jazzbones in Tacoma tonight and starts at 8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME! Your Faithful Listener, Bethamphetamine Shank (AKA Beth Schenk, yes its my real name)
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