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Opening Night 4/7/11

    What up blogger? Today's blog will not be about my mom. Sorry to air all that over the blog yesterday. She just loves that Justified. Anyhow onto today's blog which is about baseball. Now I will be honset with you that I have not been following baseball much the last few years. I think some of it is due to the fact that the Nationals showed up in DC the year I left. Kind of like my nephew CJ. Shout to CJ and Maddie. Anyhow I have just fallen off with watching baseball. Part of that is also because i have become a big soccer fan and baseball was the sport that suffered. Anyhow I still like baseball and am going to the M's opening night tomorrow and I am fired up. Usally the home opener is during the day and I can't go because I am at work but tomorrow I am going to be at that game with Miller lite in hand having fun. Yell hi at me if you see but no I won't buy you that beer Miles is always talking about

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04/07/2011 2:15PM
Opening Night 4/7/11
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