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PBS 9/8/11

    What up blogger? How about this weather this week. It's awesome out there right now and I don't know why they call it a indian summer. Did the indians hate July and August and love a warm fall. Eithier way it's nice outside is my point. I am going to take full advanted of this indian summer and go outside and smoke my peace pipe with some grilled bison.

    Now onto the point of this blog which is PBS. Now some people think TV can't make you smarter but I disagree with this and I am smarter now since I watch PBS. Does watching PBS make you smarter? Well I not going to say it makes me smarter but I know a lot about the civil war and rivers all over the world so yeah I am smarter. The other great thing about watching PBS is that sometimes I just people I love PBS and they seemed impressed. Now sometimes this line will also make some people mad because some people hate PBS. If they hate PBS then I say well I just watch for Civil War stuff and that calms these hater's down. Yeah so next time your hanging out with a crowd that might be a little more well read then you hit off with the I love PBS line and they will bump your IQ 15 points. Sometimes feeling smarter is just as good as being smart.

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09/08/2011 12:09PM
PBS 9/8/11
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