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PED's in Baseball 6/5/13

    Yesterday news broke that a few baseball players are going to get long suspensions for Performance enhancing Drugs or PED's as I will call them for the rest of this blog. It's one thing to get caught cheating like these guys did but to me there is a whole bigger issue with this one and that is Ryan Braun. If you don't know who he is let me catch you up a little, he won the MVP in 2011 for baseball and tested dirty. Now he bet the rap and got to keep his title as MVP but when he beat the drug rap he also made a point of destroying everyone involved in the process. He even went after the guy who collected the pee, why would a guy who's job it is to collect pee have a grudge against a MVP like Braun. This reminds a ton of Lance Armstrong and the way that he denied everything and attacked people because he thought he was above the law. Look I get making bad choices and mistakes but be a grown up and own up to them. I say be a grown and not be a man because it has nothing to do with being a man it's about being a person. If you want to lie about what you did to get so far that's fine, but why try and take down this guy and ruin his life because your a liar. This to me a big issue we have in sports is the arrogance of these people. I really do think some of these people are just plain bad people and not to be trusted much less role models. 

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06/05/2013 2:45PM
PED's in Baseball 6/5/13
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