Pain 2014 Blog Godsmack ups and downs

Godsmack ups and downs.
We’re stoked these guys have been able to work through their past issues, it happens to just about every band.  See Godsmack at Pain In The Grass 2014! Dig full Pain details!
GODSMACK: Lucky We Made It This Far
Godmsack frontman Sully Erna says the band almost split up at multiple points over the past 15 years.
Erna tells Revolver, "At first it was just the learning curve of having the band hit big and being on the road relentlessly." He says that the fighting prompted the band to take a drastic step. "At one point we brought in therapists and everything to work with the band. Because we lost the brotherhood. We lost the love for the music and for each other and we were fighting so much. It was just a mess. Luckily for us, we got over some of those mountains."
Erna says the next time things got bad was when the other three members put out theAnother Animal project in 2007. He admits, "After the Four record [came out in 2006], there were times when Tony [Rombola] was really bent with me because he got to a place where he started to write more, and he wanted more of his stuff on the records... So we would pick half of his stuff and half of mine and try to make a hybrid of it. But for some reason he would take it personally when I didn't pick this song or that song of his. And so then the guys went and built a record [Another Animal] off of stuff that we didn't use but could have probably revisited later. And that created a lot of [crap]."
However, Erna says things are all good now. "We went through it, had it out and talked things through. And we realized that we have a really special brand here and it would be foolish to not get past this stuff... We're getting along better than ever. We're tighter than we were when we first met. And that's the god's honest truth."

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07/17/2014 5:09PM
Pain 2014 Blog Godsmack ups and downs
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