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Pawn Stars 4/14/10

    What up blogger? So today I want to talk to you people about a new show that. Well i should say I want to write to you since you can hear me talk right now as I am typeing this blog. So the reason for this blog is to write about Pawn stars. This is a show that is on the history chennel. It is a show about a pawn shop in Las Vegas and the guys who work there. The show is based around a guy that owns the shop and his son and father work there with him. He runs the ship for the most part and the son is just dumb. When I say dumb I know what I am talking about since some people have the nerve to call me dumb sometimes. For instance the dad bought a 4x4 and simple asked the two guys to drive it home and instead they went and drove it around the dessert and broke the thing. Look I get wanting to have fun but time and place guys. I will repeat time and place guys come on. Oh yeah and before they messed that up they spent 38000 on a HOT AIR ballon. Jackass's i tell you but it's a good show and I say watch it. Side note if your a hotspur fan I hate you. Holla

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04/14/2010 2:19PM
Pawn Stars 4/14/10
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04/27/2010 8:08AM
I guarantee if they weren't on T.V. they never would have gone and crashed the 4x4. But since they know they are being filmed it's gonna make them do stupider things than normal because it's fun to be an idiot on T.V.
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