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People in the wrong spot 7/12/13

    Today I come to you friends with a problem that I think many a person goes through and that is not recognizing people when they are in a different spot then you know them from. I will give you a example that I ran into my buddies girlfriend and she said hello and I completely blanked on her because I am used to seeing them together. I have also ran into this problem with people I work with when I see them out in personal life. I think it happens to a lot of different people also at different times. I had a buddy that was a personal trainer and when we would go to bars sometimes we would run into his clients and it took them a minute to realize the guy in the bar was also their personal trainer. I would say it happens to me most in my building since I am usually not in a hat or shades if I am wearing them I have to take them off so my neighbors will know it is me. I feel like maybe I should have ended that last sentence in they will know it is I. Anyhow its weird when you see people out of place but then again maybe I just suck with names

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07/12/2013 2:30PM
People in the wrong spot 7/12/13
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