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Cool people 7/16/13

    This weekend I had some fun with my buddies in different spots in the city and noticed some different types of people. Number one I was on a deck at a bar Friday evening and yes it was a little chilly on the deck as the sun was going down but it is Seattle and you should be ready for weather like that. Its a bit ironic now that I am talking about how it was cool as today it will be warm out there. Anyhow this bar offered blankets to people sitting on the deck which is fine for the girls with you but a group of guys sitting in blankets just looked bad. I get that you may be cold but man grab a jacket or something, hell maybe just go inside if its too cold for you outside. I bring this up because the group that was using the blankets were also the guys that though they were so cool and shot my buddy and I dirty looks for wearing jeans and hoodies. Those hoodies sure came in handy when that sun went down though. I get that everyone has there own idea about it is to be cool and how you have to act to give that off. I sometimes just think that being nice to people and respectful is also a big part of being cool not just the way you dress or act. If you have to act a certain way for people to like you then maybe your not cool or comfortable at all. I like people to have fun and hang out together and maybe since I never really fit the cool guy look I have this view on it. With all that said the deck was awesome and we had a blast chatting it up and enjoying the great Seattle weather

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07/16/2013 2:51PM
Cool people 7/16/13
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