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People that bug me 9/19/13

    Today this blog will be a little more angry then my usual post because I am getting fed up with some people. Now the first gripe I have is one that I have brought up before and it is people that get on the elevator before they let people get off first. Number one if your in that big or a hurry you should have left a little bit early from your house. Now look I get a lost in my thoughts sometimes and might step on before someone gets off but at least I will stop and say sorry. This guy in my elevator in my building the other day hops right on and a guy and his kid could not even get off, I give a big loud "Come on man" and he moved to the side but did not even have the common courtesy to say sorry. The guy is a dumbass I have always thought and this confirmed it. Now the other one that got me going today is trash and how some people just leave it places and expect other to pick it up. You know where trash can's are and you are just being too lazy to go and drop it off in the garbage container. The root of both these problems is that people are just selfish and rude. To think you are that important is just dumb and to be that lazy is well no excuse for that. These people really get me going and not in a good way so do me a favor and do the right thing today. Hell I know some people that do some crazy S but they would never be this rude. Rant over 

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09/19/2013 2:15PM
People that bug me 9/19/13
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