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Pitboss 8/12/10

    What up blogger? So i don't know how you feel about dog's but I for one am a fan of dog's. The four legged kind to man we are not talking about the huskies. So my cousin Tommy has a pitbull and my uncle Phil has always own a pit. pit's are really nice dog's that have great personality's but they also have a rep since dumbasses insist on training them to be agressive and fighting them. Now look I get some it since dog fighting is part of the culture in the south but do not think I am cool with it. Now pit's are good dog's if youtrain them right. Pitboss is a show about a dog rescue in L.A. and they rescue pit's. The head guy's name is shorty and he has been though a lot in his life and even did 10 years in prison for attemed murder in his gang days. now he is trying to help out pit's and get people he works with gigs because they are all also midgets. Yeah they shop save's pit's and get his staff work. Eithier way it's a good show and shorty puts in work for those pit's

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08/12/2010 2:38PM
Pitboss 8/12/10
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