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Pizza and TV 5/26/11

    What up blogger? So I know a lot of people that smoke cigarettes and they love to smoke when drinking. I should not act high and mighty i used to enjoy some smokes while drinking but anyhow some things just go together. It's like hot chicks and Thee Ted Smith. They love me and date them all for a night if you know what i am saying. I am lieing I don't know why I typed that hot chicks don't flock to me at all unless they are trying to be rock girls. Anyhow i dicress, like I was saying somethings go great together like pizza and tv. Now ordering a pizza while doing anything is fun and pizza always taste good but man when they delivery that hot pizza and you get to sit on your couch and just chill out, just you and the tv and the pizza. Sometimes that is all you need for a fun night. I like pizza any night but feel that i oreder it most on the weekends. I got one the other day that had meatballs and carmalized onions on it and it was great. A little fancy and pricey but well worth it in my mind. Man i am hungry now are you well if your not mention it again. Pizza and Tv and your couch. Yeah your feeling it

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05/26/2011 2:16PM
Pizza and TV 5/26/11
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