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Playoff Football Fans 1/15/14

    Wow is all I have to say after what I saw last weekend going on at the Seahawks game. Now I am from PG county Maryland which is basically DC since I grew up right near the city line. As a DC person I am a Redskins fan but even I have been impressed with some of the things going on this year with the Seahawks. This blog is more about you the fans then the team though. See here is the deal as much as I love certain teams and players I really like just the atmosphere around sports and people. That is why I am so impressed with the 12th man this year. I was driving home from my girlfriends house in West Seattle Saturday morning and I was so impressed to see people already set up for tailgates. I got home and watched some local news and saw people were in full tailgate form by ten in the morning which I loved. I realize that I like tailgates as much as going to the game most of the time and tailgates are great. It is a great time to hang with buddies and talk trash. For some of my buddies we don't get to hang as much as we used too but we always get some time to hang out at the Sounders FC matches. When I lived at home and went to Maryland games all the time the tailgate is a family get together. So in closing weather the Seahawks win or lose this weekend you 12th man people are doing your best and rolling along. I will cheer for them for no other reason then out of respect for you guys out there doing work. I might not you and you don't know me but 9am tailgate guy....I respect you 

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01/15/2014 2:12PM
Playoff Football Fans 1/15/14
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