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Playoffs 1/14/11

    What up blogger? So I don't even have to tell you if you live in Seattle that this weekend is playoff time. Now last week you Seahawks fans came out in force and not like a Anderson Cooper comeing out thing. You guys showed up and the team responded with a great preformance and now its on to the Bears. F**k the Bears. Yeah the hell with them. Look I am not a Seahawks fan and most of you know that but the Bears are a bunch of asses. Uerlacker is a D-bag.  Look on-line fro the story about his dumbass talking trash to Bas Rutton. Anyhow the Bears every year try to tell us and themself's that they are built to win a superbowl. They keep talking trash on Seattle and they record but hey Bears the Hawks are 1-0 against you guys this year. Anyhow my point is that they are such smug asses that I am cheering loudly and drunkly for the hawks on Sunday morning. I say drunk because I will hungover so I am just gonna start drinking again in the Morning for the games plus its Playoff drinking. ow don't tell Miles and Thrill this I am gonna cheer for the Ravens as well on Saturday. Hey speaking of Saturday check out my high school DeMATHA vs St.Anthony's on ESPN at one. It will be good hoops and it will look a lot differnt then your high school team. Other than that have a good weekend and enjoy your day off Monday. All jokeing asaide Dr.King was a great man and derserves this holiday.

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01/14/2011 3:17PM
Playoffs 1/14/11
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