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Playoffs 10/29/10

    What up blogger? Wow it seems like everytime I write one of these lately I start by talking about the weather. Well today is no differnt, considering how nice it is outside. In only one week of rain and clouds you can forget how nice the sun is. Yeah dawg the SUN. Anyhow the NBA tipped off this week and I for one could not be ......Well I don't really care that much. When your in a town with no team it is hard to care as much I think plus I not a big fan of the NBA regular season. They play so many games and it is just hard for me to get that fired up all the time for the NBA. Now college hoops on the other hand I love watching and keep up on. Right now there is just too much going on to care about the NBA right now.

    BAMM my first post with paragraph seperation. You know that you are impressed and I am woundering by the time you read this what will you be doing. So SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY the Playoffs are back in Seattle. The MLS playoffs start for your Seattle Sounders Sunday night at 5pm on the Xbox 360 pitch at Quest Field. I for one am fired the hell up man. I sit in the north end and we have a big desplay that we have been working on all week. i have a sweet wig that I am wearing with my kit since it is halloween. LA just made us look like crap last time they were here so we owe them one plus we need to get out of the first round this year and get the the MLS Cup. Grab a beer and some candy and lets have fun Sunday

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10/29/2010 9:35AM
Playoffs 10/29/10
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