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Poor sport 6/24/14

    With all the World Cup fun going the last couple of weeks I sometimes forget the bad side of sports but then someone reminds of it. Today clearly I am talking about a player for Uruguay named Luis Suarez who once again bite someone today during a World Cup match. Now I use the word again because he has a history of biting people. Just last year he was suspended for nine games for biting someone while playing for Liverpool in the English Premier League. That bite came on the heels of a bite he did in another league a couple years before that. Part of the problem with this guy is that because is such a great player and scores so many goals he stay's in the line up for club and country. I have heard and even kind of believed the arguments for the other two indecent but three times is just silly. I also have to wonder what is wrong with the guy, does he really think in the World Cup you can do anything on the field without a camera watching? I just can't get over the fact that not only did it happen again but now it happened in the World Cup. He has to get some kind of suspension in my mind and I think at this point Liverpool has to wonder if keeping him on the club is worth it. Last year there was talk he might come over to play for my favorite English Club Arsenal, now I am glad that did not happen because I don't want to cheer for someone like him

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06/24/2014 2:07PM
Poor sport 6/24/14
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06/24/2014 5:13PM
He is obviously hungry non stop for some man meat! I hope to one day see a player make him bite the grass and stomp on his head. There is no room for that in soccer! Keep up the good work brotha!
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