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Portscum 5/13/11

    What up blogger? So you ready for the weekend? This guy is....This weekend our Seattle Sounders welcome to town the portland timbers. That will be the last time I use there real name this weekend. Here is the deal, it is the biggest rivalery in the MLS and has been a good ravilery for years dateing back to the 70's. First off feel free to remind any portscum fans you see in the city that fist we live in a CITY as oppossed to there town. Remind them that Roger is the man and will score on them when he pleases and that his celbration with Nate a couple years ago was sick. Last of remind them that this is our city and the xbox pitch is our turf. Eff em, kill em all. Side note its a sports game so don't get into fights. Take it from a guy that spent 3 days in jail it sucks and you don't want to go

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05/13/2011 9:36AM
Portscum 5/13/11
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