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Post season 5/31/13

    It always amazing to me that no matter the sport if it is playoff's of the finial you might just end up watching it. Now I am a sports nerd which is understood but I think even the average person who casually watches sports get's into playoff games. Take me for instance, I am not a huge hockey fan but I do very much enjoy the NHL playoffs and anything that goes to a game seven is fun in my book. If your a basketball fan the NBA playoff's are going on right now. The NBA playoff's are a different breed as I am just happy to watch some team lose as opposed to watching for someone to win. Last night I watched some of the NBA playoff and I used to really like Birdman last night he acted like a punk. He took a cheap shot at a guy away from the ball when no one was watching and then got upset when the other player got in his face. If a guy start's something with you finish what they started but to start with the cheap shot again makes you the punk. Never start fights finish them, which is good advice on the field of play and in life. The other thing I really like about the NBA playoff's on TNT is inside the NBA. Charles Barkley is very honest and funny to me, has he offended me in the past yes but I like him as a commentator. Shaq is also on the crew and he is funny at time's but can get real annoying, I also like the main guy on the set Ernie since with all these ex players on the set and he has to keep them on point. So I hope you enjoy some playoff action this year and sometimes if your watching just pick a team and roll with them. Have a good weekend everyone 

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05/31/2013 3:29PM
Post season 5/31/13
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