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Presidents Day 2/17/12

    So this weekend is of cores Presidents weekend so I hope that means you have Monday off as I do. I think about Holiday's like this and start to think how cool it would be to have a National holiday for myself. Now I am not sure what I would do to have a Holiday but it really is the top honor.
    I think that if there is a place where dead peoples souls go then maybe they have this argument. Side note I really do like Sweet Home Alabama as a song. Anyhow I would think there are some people who might brag that they won a championship or some great prize but let be honest when someone else can drop the yeah I got a national holiday they trump you ever time. That means that you did something so great that people get a day off in your honor.
    Now I am starting to think of what i could do to get a national holiday. I am 31 so I will not lie I have been thinking about running for president in a few years. Think about it a guy that came from PG county out to Seattle to make a name for himself, then goes onto some crazy big stuff like being the most awesome guy on twitter or something like that. After I get some awards and fame I will go to give talks a colleges and rack up a couple horary diplomas then I launch my campaign. Basically my whole campaign will be on how I am just like you. I can talk open and honestly about drinking and stuff because I have done it. I can also give a real good pregame speech so why not start giving some to all of America as the head of state. So after a successful two term run I will retire and one day have a day off for you hard working people. God Bless the USA

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02/17/2012 3:18PM
Presidents Day 2/17/12
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02/23/2012 6:49AM
Here for you Ted
If you ever need a campaign manager shoot me a call. I am there for you brother. On a completely different note, my new morning routine is sitting at the computer enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day while I continuously click on your blog and back to the Men's Room page over and over. It is my mission to pull up to the top for blog page visits. Give a shout out to Granola Girl if you can as we are separated due to Military demands. As always keep doing what your doing, you have no idea how much laughter and happiness you are sharing. Tacoma Joe
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