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Prince/weekend 4/19/13

    So tonight I am going to see Prince preform tonight at the Showbox in the market. Now I know what your thinking and yes I paid way to much for the ticket. With that said I am very excited to see the man and hear him live in such a great room. The funny thing is I am not exactly a huge Prince fan but everyone has told me that seeing is the best live show you will see. Now I would counter and say some Tool shows I have seen blew my mind. I worry though that seeing Prince in such a small venue might ruin all other shows but I don't mind. It is also Friday and people are already in a good mood then you throw Prince in the mix and you got yourself a nice weekend shaping up. The other thing going on this weekend will be the fact it is the unofficial weed holiday with it being 4/20. Someone asked me today if it is a big deal and why smokers care? I think of it kind of like St.Patricks day for what drinkers. You drink whenever but when it is St.Patricks day it just feels different and like you are celebrating something. All in all should be a good weekend and some free UFC fights on TV Saturday as well.

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04/19/2013 3:09PM
Prince/weekend 4/19/13
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