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Psych 1/25/10

    What up blogger. Now you know I like to hook you blog readers up with some cool stuff so hear is another one. First off  if you have never seen the show Psych then what in the heck are you waiting for sucka. I like this show because if the guy can't see the furture but the cops thnk he can and now he has a job sloveing crime. I think like most people if I had to I could be a detictive and figure out crimes. I have watched a lot of cops shows that cleary I am cut out for this. Don’t miss all new episodes of the hit series Psych on its new night - Wednesdays.  Psych returns Wednesday at 10pm only on USA Network.  After you watch the season premire then come back here to answer some questions for your chance to win a 500 gift card from American Express. Click here for all the details.

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01/25/2010 12:50PM
Psych 1/25/10
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01/27/2010 11:52AM
Wes G
Dear Thee Ted, I have noticed your blogging needs some work with spelling. I feel like I am reading a 4th graders work. No more BWS. (Blogging while Smoking)Put the pipe down coolect your thoughts....then blog Love your show and when/where can I get a mens room beer?
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