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Rain is back 3/5/14

    I often blog about the weather is this will be no different. The winter as we know it has returned to the Northwest. Winter for us does not include a ton of snow in the city but a ton of snow up in the mountains. Also the return of winter for use the last couple weeks really means a lot of rain and wind. I personally don't mind the big rain storms nearly as much as I used too since I have lived here now for nine years. I will say this though when those storms do come though I don't feel like doing much. Last weekend for instance one day was just a soaker and a bunch of wind I got basically nothing done. The rain just seemed like a good excuse to do nothing and chill. If you are in a relationship then those are the nights to get a big cover and watch the tube with your girl. If you are single it is a great time to grab a big cover and watch the tube by your-self. Also keep in mind that the temperature is very important here because soon it will be rainy but over 60 degrees and that will suck because warm rain just makes you wish it was not raining so you could play outside. The rainy season is almost over and soon we can start bitching about not enough sun in June and I can't wait. 

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03/05/2014 2:06PM
Rain is back 3/5/14
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