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Rammstein Burning Down the House!

The Tacoma Dome was the place to be last night to watch the Rammstein concert spectacle! It's been over 10 years since their last American tour. The German machine known as Rammstein came back in full force with an amazing light show, more fire than ever, bombs, fireworks, foam etc. Ya walked out of the Tacoma Dome a little more well done than ya arrived, maybe a little deafer (if ya didn't wear ear plugs), little wetter (from the heat and foam) and visually overloaded! Monday morning I'm guessing 15k+ people are going to work a little shell-shocked from the show last night so to all the bosses out there this morning, if ya see some slagging-confused-sunburned looking "Du-Hast" repeating employees, maybe just put your hand on their shoulder and say "It's ok, I know you've been Rammstein'd" ;) For now here's some shots off my pocket camera since I didn't shoot the show in the pit this time around but WATCH this 19min video I did to blow your mind! Two full songs and highlights of other songs with FIRE FIRE FIRE!!

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05/16/2011 6:53AM
Rammstein Burning Down the House!
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05/17/2011 4:56AM
JC Roberts
Awesome pictures and video! I was right against the barricade directly in front of Paul for the entire show! Best time of my life! m/
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