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Random thoughts 1/16/13

    So the sun has been out and kicking butt here in Seattle but it has been cold. Now myself I will take the sunshine and cold temperatures any day of the week. Now snowboarders and skiers I hear you and you guys want some new snow which will come don't worry but for now I am down with the sun. Sometimes I don't realize how much I like sun until I see it again and enjoy its power of shine and warmth. I would also say when it's a sunny crisp day in Seattle it is the most beautiful city in the USA. I love all times of year here but when the mountains sing out loud it all makes sense if your in Seattle. The other thing that has me fired up this time of year is the NFL playoffs and I am not even the biggest NFL in the world. Every time I say that to someone I realize I need to stop saying that because I do watch NFL every Sunday. Either way I hope your new year is going well and you have stuck to your resolution but if you have not go ahead and enjoy a cigarette after reading this blog. I am off to walk home in the cold since I was not smart enough to wear my heavy jacket today.

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01/16/2013 6:14PM
Random thoughts 1/16/13
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01/18/2013 7:55AM
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