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Rant 11/4/10

    What up blogger? How you guys doing today? So usally I write about tv in this this you can tell by the way I just type this twice that I am not a happy person so this is post today. Banks well lets see everyone hates you to begin with because well you messed real bad. Then WE bailed you out and what happend you went back to regular bisness pratices but thats not the rant the rant is why is the f**k do I walk into my bank and there is a 7 dollar fee for a cashiers check. So lets me gets this streigt I have to pay 7 dollars for him to write a check. I am god damn there in person he is writeing how is that 7 dollars. Wow this post and rant is over because I uhhhhhhhhhh I hate banks

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11/04/2010 3:20PM
Rant 11/4/10
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