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Real life superheroes 8/9/11

    What up blogger? How you been? How have I been well I am always happy you ask. I have been great and what some would say is on fire. I have a great Seattle weekend last weekend. I had a couple of buddies in town and we wen sailing in the sound on Thursday evening then we had a blast Friday night then to top it off we spent all day Saturday on a wakeing boarding boat at Sea-fair. it was awesome and so much fun I cannot even explain it to you. Sae-Fair is just awesome and on Sunday when I was watching KIRO one of my tweets even on tv. Let me say this watching the live feed of twitter on KIRO coverage was funny stuff. Eithier way it was a great weekend and a weekend that makes me love this town.

    Now onto the title of this blog which is real-life superheroes. Now I have met the guys that do it here in Seattle mainly Phinox Jones hell the guy even tazed me. Last night howver I watched a movie on HBO and real life superheroes all over the USA and some of them frankly are a little scary. One guy in Florida seems like a great guy and he hands out to the poor and stuff but it seemed like he also really liked drinking beers while on protrol and I feel like cops don't drink beer while at work. Maybe I wrong but I don't think I am and feel like most cops are sober and the arrest drunk people. For the record that is a joke I know cops don't drink while on duty. Anyhow there was also a couple that were not in great shape and seems like they could get beat up kind of easy. One guy was talking about eye gouching and bitting a bad guy which just seemed odd. I don't know if these people are helping or hurting but I will say if any of them have to be in Seattle i am glad its the ones we got. They seemed a lot more professional then some of these people.

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08/09/2011 9:10AM
Real life superheroes 8/9/11
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