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RedFest 6/28/13

    Sun is out and so is the Men's Room as tomorrow we have the first ever RedFest down in Georgetown at the Elysian Brewery. All four of us are fired up and hope that you will be there as well. To start off you get a cool mug and a couple beers with your ticket and we know Elysian makes some good beer. After a couple beers you might think well I sure could use some food and bam three different food trucks will be there. So now we are all having fun and eating good food and the last part of this puzzle gets put together as we have local bands The Mothership and Van Eps hitting the stage. The weather is going to be nice and I can't wait, I hope you got your ticket but if you did not you can walk up tomorrow and get your ticket at the event. As you can tell from this post I am real excited and I love having events like this because it is great to get to shake hands and meet people that are fans of the show and the beer. I hope you see you tomorrow and ladies feel free to bring some cute friends

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06/28/2013 2:14PM
RedFest 6/28/13
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06/30/2013 10:59AM
Refridgerator time at redfest
Who is that Elaine Bennis "Seinfeld" lookin broad with miles. She was rude. Redfest was baddass. Kudos to elysian and you guys. Can't wait for next year.
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