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Refinancing your Auto

After the purchase of a home, the purchase of your automobile is probably the second largest purchase you’ve made.

While we often consider refinancing our mortgage, for those who have taken out a loan to purchase a car or truck, the idea of refinancing our auto loan does not often come to mind but depending upon your situation, it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps you did not get the best rate when you made your purchase or your credit has improved. If you still have two or more years left on your auto loan you may want to see if refinancing is an option.  You do not need to increase the term of your loan, however, if you can reduce your interest rate you can use the savings to pay your loan off sooner.

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06/22/2012 12:21PM
Refinancing your Auto
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07/17/2012 10:15AM
How do I find out more
I would like to refinance my loan like yesterday. Although I do have bad credit with about a 625 fico score. I have right around 2 years left and $8700 to pay. My interest rate seriously is like 22% or higher...... If you can help, cool!
07/17/2012 10:17AM for above comment
My contact info for above comment
11/01/2012 6:07PM
I'm trying to refinance my car. Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union will only refinance the value of the car. Of course I owe more than that. Does BECU have the same policy? The car is a 2002 Subaru Forester with 123k miles.
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